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Laravel is an open source PHP structure enunciated for the advancement of MVC or model view controller web applications. It is exceedingly famous for its striking and in vogue linguistic structure. Its source code is accessible from GitHub. The structure is planned with uncommon consideration which makes composing the code grammar basic yet expressive. Laravel 5.0 acquaints a crisp application design with the Laravel venture that is default made.

For a Laravel and WordPress Combination one needs to pursue the beneath referenced approaches to guarantee a smooth working.

Worpress and Laravel integration

Corcel utilizes Laravel Persuasive models to oversee substance which are recovered legitimately from one's WordPress database. Once introduced, one can utilize the agreeable linguistic structure one is utilized to. For Example:

// All published posts

$posts  =  Post: :published() - > get()

$posts  =  Post: :status(‘publish’) - > get()

// A specific post

$post  =  Post : :find(31)

It Provides support for posts, All post types, Mentioned categorizations, pages, groupings, and supplements. Still the problem is that the package is under development.

WordPress -----> Laravel

Data from a WordPress.com blog can be matched up by WordPress to Laravel. It is intended to keep running as a booked center activity through Laravel Scheduler. Programmed download, import, and posting of information will be done subsequently with the nearby database.

Once the download and arrangement are finished it is a stage towards Laravel blog coordination and clients can construct their own models, controllers, and perspectives to incorporate with their database. A portion of the upsides of building up the wordpress.com framework are that they precipitously handle WordPress redesigns, resources CDN and substance which can be made beneficial through the site, and utilizations of the versatile or work areas.

The main issue with this bundle is that it is constrained to post information and doesn't bolster classes or labels.

WordPress Eloquent :

WP Eloquent is a bundle that makes an official for WordPress database tables. It incorporates models for posts, remarks, Post meta, Client, and Client meta.

WP Persuasive additionally works with the Laravel DebugBar however isn't known to make any additional database associations.

Laravel-Wordpress-API :

Laravel-WP-API assimilates straight with the WordPress JSON REST API for sites that are self-hosted. When the installation procedure is complete one has access to a WordPress API based on which the access for data bacomes very easy.

Other Remaining Methods of Integrating WordPress and Laravel ::

Above you see the methods of Wordress to laravel integration through some techniques and automation process. Now, I will discuss about some manual integration methods...

WordPress is based over Laravel and Symfony segments and uses WordPress as a key factor to rely upon, through PHP Composer. Artisan is the name of the command line interface included with Laravel. It gives various steady rules for use while the application gets created. Some portion of these include:

1. Utilizing WordPress with Lumen

2. Setting Up a Laravel Programming interface with a WordPress backend

3. Utilizing Laravel 4+ Eloquent with WordPress.

During Laravel Development blog integration, one will in general commit the same mistake through utilizing a similar structure for Laravel application. It looks entirely simple and obvious a solution however it isn't fitting to do as such since various WordPress highlights like navigation, widgets and so forth are not static and utilizing a similar structure could make a significant issue.

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