Suppose you’ve set up your Ecommerce store, the sales will just start pouring in, right? Wrong. Just having a store isn’t enough to drive sales. You need to make an effort to encourage people to buy from you to increase ecommerce sales.

Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce Sales

That’s where it gets tricky, and where many ecommerce marketers get stuck. Here are some of the most effective ways you can boost Ecommerce sales :

Be Transparent About Shipping Costs :

What’s the one thing that compels most shoppers to go through with their purchase? According to Statista, the top online purchase driver is free delivery. 63% of online shoppers go through with their purchases because the store offers free shipping. So this means that online retailers should provide free delivery whenever possible in for ecommerce sales.

Ideally, you could set up a free shipping minimum rate in which shoppers will have to buy for a certain amount in order to qualify for free shipping.

But some retailers may not have the means to offer free shipping. High overhead costs and other factors can prevent startup ecommerce stores from offering free delivery.

If you aren’t able to offer free shipping, you should still be transparent about shipping costs. When you’re upfront about the extra costs shoppers have to pay for shipping, it can help encourage them to go through with their purchase.

Simplify the Checkout Process :

A quick and easy checkout process is third most popular online purchase driver. The Barilliance report also found that a long and confusing checkout process often resulted in people abandoning their carts. And according to Business2Community, a complicated checkout procedure could result in cart abandonment.

Since, this is the case, you need to simplify the checkout process in order to boost ecommerce sales. The goal is to make sure people can easily complete their purchases before they have a chance to change their minds. There are two main ways to simplify the checkout process:

Offer a Guest Checkout Option :

Having to create a new account causes 22% of shoppers to abandon their shopping carts, according to the Barilliance report. This makes it the second most common reason for cart abandonment. Instead of requiring shoppers to register for an account, allow them to complete their purchases as guests to increase ecommerce sales.

Implement a Progress Indicator :

Set clear expectations about how long it’ll take to complete the checkout process by displaying a progress indicator. This indicator will show shoppers which stage of checkout they’re at, and how many steps are left to complete their purchase. This progress indicator also makes it easier for shoppers to go back and make changes in case they made any mistakes.

Offer Live Chat Support :

Sometimes shoppers may fail to convert because they have some doubts or questions they need clarified. So they leave your website, perhaps with the intention of sending you an email or calling you to ask those questions. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

What if you could answer their questions, and solve their problems right then and there? Live chat support enables you to do just that. You can provide real-time help to your shoppers, which can enhance their experience and enable them to find what they’re looking for.

Include Trust Badges to Increase Sense of Security :

In the previously-cited Barilliance report, another top reason for cart abandonment is concerns about payment security. This suggests that even if people love your products, and are keen on buying them, they still may not make a purchase because they don’t trust you enough.

The solution? Give them a sense of security to reduce their anxiety, and increase ecommerce sales. But how exactly can you increase your shoppers’ sense of security? The answer lies in trust badges.

Offer a Personalized Shopping Experience :

How often have you seen an ad or a product recommendation that has nothing to do with your interests? According to a Marketo survey of more than 2,200 consumers, this type of generic advertising is ineffective, and easily ignored by consumers.

If you rely on this type of marketing, you could be losing out on potential customers. You need to offer consumers a more personalized shopping experience if you wish to increase ecommerce sales.

Personalized Offers and Deals :

You can try customizing deals and offers for individual customers to encourage repeat purchases and increase ecommerce sales.

However, it’s important to be careful about offering deals and discounts to your customers for ecommerce sales. Providing personalized discounts to each and every customer could be a huge loss for you. Instead, try executing these personalized offers and deals only for high-value customers who haven’t made a purchase for a while. Or provide deals to welcome new potential customers, and encourage first-time purchases.

Personalized Product Recommendations :

A survey found that who have experienced personalization favored product recommendations based on their previous purchases. So even if you can’t offer personalized deals and discounts, you can still personalize your product recommendations to increase ecommerce sales.

Here are a few ways to personalize product recommendations:

  • 1. Send shoppers email reminders about items left abandoned in their carts.
  • 2. Send emails to update customers about new products added in their favorite categories.
  • 3. Display recommendations on your website based on items that the shopper has recently viewed or purchased.

Personalization Based on Individual Needs :

Another effective method of personalization is to customize the shopping experience based on a shopper’s specific need. Not everyone is visiting your website looking for the same item. They have unique needs and desires that they need fulfilled.

Provide them with a unique shopping experience that will help meet their specific needs. For example, you could have them answer a few questions to help them find exactly what they need.

You need to make sure shoppers can easily complete their purchases without any hassles or payment concerns. And you should also help them find what they need as quickly, and easily as possible for Ecommerce sales.

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