As the world is diving deep and deep into the technology, it is advancing in every aspect and field. The mobile app development companies are providing new and creative applications for users each day. One of these applications is E-Wallet, which has not only helped the people but also other service providers as they can now go online and provide the online payment options to their customers.

E-Wallet is delivering digital payments for the users reducing the burden of carrying credit cards. There is an immense growth in this field as many e-commerce, and mobile commerce, tech giants and shopping apps have delivered their own E-Wallet for the users.E-wallets Mobile App

A few technologies used by the mobile app developers for E-Wallet are Bluetooth, Beacon, Blockchain, Scan QR code, Near Communication Field :

• Bluetooth and Beacon Technology: It allows the payments where the sender and the receiver are in close proximity. It is a reliable and fast as well as secure method of payment.

• QR code scanning: Many apps like Paytm have provided the facility to scan the QR code for making payments. It is a very easy and convenient method of payment, especially when paying on shops.

• The Near Communication Field or the NFC: It is a future technology that will help in transferring money and information sharing easily.

E-Wallet Apps :

All the leading Mobile Payment App Development companies are competing among themselves to be at the top. All have implemented new and innovative technologies in their applications. These technologies and features give them uniqueness, which is helpful for the growth of their market.

Similarly, in this field of E-Wallets, various companies have tried their best to deliver apps that are unique and embedded with great features.

It uses the QR code method for payments, which means users have to scan the QR code of the receiver and then transfer money.

E-Wallet And Its Features :

E-Wallet is a kind of digital wallet that lets people pay through smartphones at anywhere and anytime. These are like your own personal digital cards working on apps. You can add, transfer, and pay money. Some provide transactions in any currency while others use different technologies like NFC, QR code for the transfer of money.

Each app has a diverse target audience with outstanding features for a variety of people. Some wallets have the functionality of buyer protection while the others provide loyalty card integration where some implement proprietary magnetic strip technology.

E-Wallets have become so popular with growing technology and population that every Mobile Wallet Development Company in the world has started working towards introducing the new and innovative feature into the apps to increase the market and audience.

Advanced Features

• Data Synchronization :

In order to provide accuracy, efficiency, and security Digital Wallet App synchronize their data with their registered social account network and mobile number. It helps the user to avoid filling of long bank forms as synced data is displayed automatically.

• Booking Calendar :

This advanced feature helps a user to book the dates reducing the load of remembering them. A user can highlight their dates based on which they will receive alerts. There is also an option of calendar sharing where a user can directly share the calendar with their friends.

• Geo-Location :

The best feature of E-Wallets. It is easy to locate nearby users with the help of GPS and then make payments. It is a very effective and fast method of making payments. The user has to tap on the receiver’s user name. It is an easy, time-saving process with a simple approach.

• In-App Camera :

This feature helps the camera to scan the QR code for making payment. This feature integrates the app with the camera which the users can also use for sending transaction receipts to each other.

To validate the fund transfer requests, all the transactions are confirmed within the app.

• Cloud Operations :

Transactions are stored safely and securely on cloud storage. It makes the transactions fast.

• Create Virtual Cards :

Most e-Wallet mobile apps have a virtual card generation feature where a user can create his/her own virtual card. It can be used within the app and is very similar to credit cards. Using the username and password, one can make payments efficiently. It is one of the best features of E-Wallet apps.

• Push Notifications :

This feature keeps the user updated and attentive. They receive information about rewards and deals at every transaction.

• Digital Receipt :

The app generates a digital receipt after every transaction. Users can choose to receive it on mail, as SMS or within the app.

• Categorization And Portability :

The classification of transactions can be done based on the choices of the users. Adding and sharing of money is easy for both online and offline modes.

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