Membership management systems play a major key role in Associations, chambers or commerce and other membership-based organizations. But it’s difficult to find one that brings the right features to the table. There’s more demand than ever for new features, integration requests, and other technical requirements so lets pin-points what the ideal membership management software might have under the hood.

Identifying your needs and Main points

As an organization or business that relies on memberships to thrive, it can be tough to choose a membership management system for you that:

  • • Registers members
  • • Manages members and contacts lists
  • • Automates renewal reminders
  • • Promotes news, updates or events
  • • Processes payments
  • • Creates customizable forms
  • • Integrates with other tools

And it gets even more difficult when one membership management system lacks even one of these features. That means you’ll need to find a solution that not only helps with your requirements but now it also needs integrate with the rest of your tools.



CRM’s are typically the bare minimum when it comes to taking organizations digital. Also colloquially spoken as member databases, member lists and so on, CRMs are the industry catch-all term for the ability to manage contacts and keep their information up to date in as simple a manner as possible. This goes without saying that if you find a membership management solution that does not have this feature, then it should be avoided.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are one big bottleneck for a lot of platforms. When it comes to membership-based organizations, engagement is the #1 defining role the management needs to take on. Technology persists at every level of people’s lives nowadays, and that typically comes in the form of a smartphone in the pockets of every one of your members. This is where it’s crucial to introduce your organization’s own app so that members can stay engaged on the go.

Digital Membership Cards

Digital membership cards are a great way to leverage mobile apps to your organization’s, or even the planet’s benefit. Digital membership cards function exactly like most physical membership cards do, but exist on your organization’s mobile app.

Physical membership cards act as a form of identification and a key of sorts. It’s common that membership cards unlock doors to facilities for members only, check in members at events, and even used as a way to confirm discounts for members on certain purchases.

Community & Member Directory

Another great feature that doesn’t have to live on mobile apps, but instead both, are membership directories and communities for organizations. This basically allows your members to ‘log in’ to your website or mobile and use widgets from the platform on the website that gives members access to a database of members. Though, in best practice, it’s best to formulate communities which are basically separating your database into particular subjects that might appeal to certain sects of your membership or audience.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a big feature. One that is also plagued by third party nickel and diming schemes, so if it’s not already a part of an all-in-one platform, then it’s best to continue shopping around. Member engagement comes in a lot of forms, but it’s with an email campaign strategy that direct messaging and marketing can be pivotal.

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