What is the most crucial thing in cooperation with software development companies? There is no one thing. There are many important nuances and steps you need to follow if you plan to find a trustworthy partner. This article will cover the preparation stage, all the steps, and what services a reliable partner should provide you with. We mean additional ones apart from the mandatory web or mobile app development services. But less talking, let’s move on!

What you should start with or Preparation stage

Research for a dependable company is not the first step you should take. Even if you already know what company you prefer cooperating with, you need to spend some time and write down project ideas, features it should have, and maybe some sketches to show UI/UX designers what you exactly need. The more information you will provide software development partner with, the higher the chances that your future product will entirely meet all your expectations.

Besides, you will save your time. So it is preferable to contact software development partner when you prepare all the necessary information. Let’s consider more details about the info you’d better prepare to.

Define the goal of your software

You probably know what target audience you want to reach, the primary purpose of your software, how it should be used, and the main tasks a software should perform. It will be much easier for the development team to delve into the process and understand your goal.

Define the project scope

Feel free to prepare a visual presentation of your software. You don’t need to be skilled in design or software development. It will be enough to write down the project scope, show visually what result you want to get, and so on. In case you don’t want to create presentations, you may write in docs some user stories - a description of the activities a user may perform in your software.

Define technical details

For example, you may already have software that other developers started creating, but due to some reasons, you don’t want to keep on cooperating with them. Therefore, you need to describe what your software already includes and what you want to add. A new software development partner will save yours and their time, and they will start the development faster. Also, mind to add info about what platform you need (iOS or Android or both), front-end/back-end, and so on.

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