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As culture of mall and urbanization is increasing in the country more and more people are moving from small towns to metro cities for better life and earnings, Malls are where you see all kinds of products from different established brands who have deep pockets to spent on advertising are actually hurting small vendors of towns who’s customer  base is reducing  because of this massive shift in the country, a small apparel vendor who usually invest around 3-4 lakhs to start his own business is now unable to get decent number of customers and struggling to provide better life to his family. Small business sector constitute more than 80% of the total number of industrial enterprises and support industrial development. Small businesses adds nearly 45% to manufacturing and about 40% to the Indian exports. Their contribution to the Indian GDP is 8% and the sector has registered growth rate of 10.8%, increasing urbanization and malls culture and excessive marketing by brands are changing habits of metro living and pushing them to make their day to day purchases from this branded store situated in the malls hence increasing worries of small businesses, branded business ranging from apparel to FMCG and food companies are able to spend heavily, Big retail brands present in EasyDay, BigBazaar, Nilgiris are increasing their stores presence and offering everything under one roof that creating worries for small retailers, these FAT BOY stores ask for big commissions on sales which reduce profitability of small brands, but with the growing reach of internet and data consumption has opened new selling channel small retailers to promote their presence directly to the customers of their choice with the help of online tools like google analytics, website mobile application small business can lower their dependency on the big retailers and can save the profit of margins, we have designed a unique solutions which will help online retailers open a small online store for a minimum monthly fees which has all the features like payment gateway, store management, catalog management, shipping services, theme selection,  blog, dynamic pages.

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