WordPress started out as a bloggers paradise, it stayed and evolved as one of the best stops for bloggers for years, and has now slowly and steadily enticed the business bigwigs to sell their products through it.

And why not, its accessibility and user interface is much more easy and interactive than its many competitors. Moreover, its hands-on services are like no one out there! All you would need to do is get yourself some bang on plugins and you are on! And if this seems like a big task to you, simply hire a WordPress developer.

What these plugins are, really? Let us check out the best ones.

Best WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Sites

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a simple, powerful and extendable e-commerce platform for WordPress. It promises to woo your customers when they visit your online store. It has been rated at 4.1/5 by WordPress and has nearly 2 million downloads in its kitty, It surely looks like the plugin that is capable enough to boost up your store in a good way.

WooCommerce is flexible in a way that it allows you to customize your store based on your products and business nature. It has the strength and advantage to be built around WordPress best practices.

The plugin offers a very user-friendly interface that allows you to keep up with the performance of your online store without much hassle of clicking and coding, as it is all available on the dashboard.

2. WP E-Commerce

This Plugin may race ahead of WooCommerce where the number of downloads is concerned, but it lacks in ratings from WordPress. This is due to the fact that it is far behind WooCommerce where functionality is concerned.

Nevertheless, it is compatible with WordPress, fully customizable, and provides priority support for privileged members. Like WooCommerce, WP e-commerce also offers PayPal integration and various other payment options making it a likeable tool by store owners.

cThe plugin is workable out of the box and provides multiple options that make your store market-ready. These include Google sitemaps, new product widget, flexible coupon rules, Bulk purchase discounts, Google base integration etc.

3. Cart66 Lite

Cart66 is touted to be the easiest plugin to install for WordPress. The plugin is integrated with PayPal and also Amazon 3 which allows you to manage orders, promotions, shopping options, etc.

That is not all; Cart66 also allows you to do your taxes without breaking a sweat. You can send customized currencies, and email through this plugin to add a little oomph to your online experience.

4. MarketPress

This plugin is, of course, easy to use, and also provides the standard features any e-commerce plugin would provide such as being compatible with other WordPress themes; it is based out of AJAX and provides various payment options such as PayPal, Google Checkouts etc.

This Plugin offers internationalization options that can make your store go global. Loaded with features, and compatible with WordPress, this plugin is just what you need to take your online store to the next level.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin caters to a specific market. It allows for easy digital downloads. If your business is all about the digitized era and your store sells digital media, then this is the go-to plugin for you.

This plugin is not like others that are loaded with features. It is more character-specific and focused on catering to a very specific market. All its features are integrated to help make that experience better.

6. Ecommerce Memberships Services :

We will Recommended to Paid Memberships Pro wordpress plugin for Memberships Services. This is a world leading WordPress plugin for building membership websites with 80k+ downloads. They help users to transforming their day-to-day business needs to IT enabled services, mainly focused in the area of eCommerce, WordPress, Woocommerce, where the growth potential is vast.

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