Biotechnology companies have a lot hinging on their ability to stay visible to key groups – investors, potential partners, employment candidates, the medical community.

After all, the more “in the public” eye a biotech company is, the easier it will be to gain funding, attract top scientific talent, develop partnerships and showcase the viability of their science.

Enhance your Online Image with Dynamic Websites :

One of the ways biotechs can improve their visibility and enhance their image is with a Dynamic Website. Consider a few seemingly simple ways designing and developing a website in a strategic way can improve various aspects of your business.

Gain Funding Support :

Without adequate funding, drug research and development can’t happen the way it needs to for a sustainable product in the end. We know this is a hugeconcern for biotech companies. Securing your next round of funding is always top of mind. Marketing typically takes a back seat.

We challenge our biotechnology clients to think about how their website and online presence can help secure funding to take a compound from the lab to medicine cabinets.

Your investor relations team is dedicated to connecting with potential investors and forming relationships with academic institutions who can provide grants, for example. These personal relationships are all very much necessary.

But, have you ever thought about how your website can complement and supercharge those efforts? An easy-to-navigate website that intuitively presents the science behind your innovative work.

Showcase your Science/Work :

Whether you leverage your website to gain traction in the market, present the science behind your next product, or showcase your plans for the hopeful future you’re contributing to, a web presence that’s designed and developed with your strategic roadmap driving each decision shouldn’t be understated.

Your website serves as a platform to showcase progress you’ve made so far, the innovative work you’re engaged in, and your dedication to see it through. Right now, your website might have all of this information, but is it presented in a way that’s easily accessible and digestible for users.

Attract Partnerships :

We’ve been primed to judge a company by their website. Everyone does it. According to Web fact, 75% of online users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Strong digital presence :

A sleek, modern website that aligns with your highly-scientific, innovative research means potential employment candidates and partners alike will likely see you in a more favorable light than if your site looks like it hasn’t been touched.

It’s easy to forget that your web presence is such an important tool to further your mission. Science will always be at the forefront, but a strong digital presence to back it up can only benefit biotechnology companies.

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