The real estate field is one of the most rapidly growing ones. Tech startups have changed the way consumers used to buy and sell a property. Their influence is obvious, 51% of home buyers in 2019 purchased the house they found on the internet. What does it mean for developers? As competition is on the rise, you have to be ready for delivering more complicated products in tight time frames using real estate data APIs and other related tools. 

Best Real Estate APIs for Software Developers

  • • (Bridge API)

This startup was acquired by Zillow and united with the company's another acquisition Bridge Interactive. The platform serves as a middleware allowing software developers to access a myriad of MLS listings and the public records containing real estate data. With the help of this real estate listing API, software developers can access and work with normalized data which is delivered through RESTful API.

  • •  SimplyRETS

This platform is focused on both agents and software developers. It helps build real estate apps and websites by using listing and market data from an MLS. It has the support for the following languages:

  • • Curl
  • • Python
  • • PHP
  • • Node.js
This RESTful real estate MLS listings API is designed to simplify manipulations with real estate data and speed up the software development process. It also supports a variety of queries to provide smoother work with any kind of searches, be it a basic or advanced one.

  • • Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit real estate listings API takes care of importing photos and listings from ListHub or REST. All the data will be stored on the Rets Rabbit's database and cloud image server. This way, you'll be able to connect your app or website to the REST API provided by this solution and integrate there all the data you need.

  • •  Property API

This real estate API gives access to nearly 150 millions of real estate records. This massive dataset can be used to implement different experiences from landing pages to complex applications and websites.

Property API provides software developers with details on various real properties, home valuation, sales history, and school data. For instance, this property data API can provide not only basic property information but, in some cases, specify materials a roof or walls are made of.

  • • Realtors Property Resource API

This database stores an impressive amount of data related to real estate all over the US. The creation of comparable properties and adding more property details are among dozens of use cases for this solution. RPR real estate data API uses XML and SOAP for requests and responses.

  • •

It is not exactly API but a portal where you can find tons of sources which may be useful for your project (including various APIs of course). contains only publicly available US government data. There are over 7,000 real-estate-related datasets like demographics, crime data, and much more.

  • • Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries

This is not an API but a database containing more than 17,000 neighborhood boundaries of the largest US cities. Any software developer can use this database and contribute to its development.

  • • Area API

The Area real estate data API is intended to help software developers deal with the boundary data. What does it mean? Customers often look for a property within a specific region. Correspondingly, it's important to define the boundaries of every region and keep them up to date.

That's what this real estate API is designed for! It lets you easily provide your real estate app or website with the well-defined and up-to-date boundaries.

  • • Points of Interest API

POI real estate data API lets your users understand what businesses function in the area they're moving to. This way, you can give them such valuable information as the number of supermarkets or coffee shops nearby.

  • • Community API

This is an extremely useful API for real estate as it helps you build community insights for a certain region. With its help, you can deliver such local data as income, education, crime, etc.

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