Digital commerce today provides a convenient platform to buy and sell goods and services at a quicker, affordable, and more comfortable way than an offline market.

So, whether you are a newbie or an experienced organization in the eCommerce business, this article will help you understand the essentials of developing successful mobile application solutions from the viewpoint of a proficient eCommerce mobile app development organization.

Ecommerce App Development

Ecommerce App Development

Important Components Of eCommerce Applications :

We develops customer-centric mobile apps which motivate smartphone users to make an easy & fast purchase and help the businesses to maximize their revenue. As part of this, the essential ecommerce mobile app features of our system panel include :

  • • Customer Panel
  • • Vendor Panel
  • • Admin Panel

let’s discuss some of the possible challenges that are influencing mobile app development for eCommerce :

Through Admin Perspective :

Technology Selection :

Selecting the right app development platform is a challenging task. You have to decide by knowing in and out of your business, development budget, choosing a native or hybrid app, and the Android/iOS platform that your target audience uses. We guide you to choose between CMS like Magento, Drupal, among others with SAAS models for eCommerce app development, to develop a quality mobile app.


The eCommerce mobile app should be stable, secure, and guide the user through the purchase cycle without failure. An unstable app can hurt the brand reputation. We leverage the latest development tools & technology to avoid bugs, remove errors if any, and test the app extensively for a stable and reliable end product.


A few analytics services are available for free, which provides data of app downloads, most searched items, and more. However, such analytics services can’t give enough data inputs to future-centric organizations. We provide a winning combination of ecommerce mobile application development best practices and Business Intelligence Analytics for the app.

Multi-Vendor Solution

It’s challenging to connect multiple sellers, vendors with their potential buyers. Creating such a marketplace helps suitable product selling for various retailers and vendors. Read how we as an ecommerce solution provider helped Europe’s top-rated Hardware & Safety Equipment seller to simplify product management and streamline vendor commission process by leveraging Magento eCommerce platform to develop a multi-vendor marketplace solution.

Through User Perspective :

Loading Speed

Google research shows that 40% of users leave a page which takes more than 4 seconds to load. Users want apps to be responsive and fast. We follow a unique approach while designing the UI and implementing other app features to build impeccable apps that support the latest OS version and faster server loading time.

App Navigation

There are a plethora of products being sold on eCommerce mobile applications. So, people seek simple and clear product navigation in any app they are using for purchase. Moreover, they want the cart and wishlist buttons to be accessed easily. Our robust solution methodology helps us to develop a native/hybrid application that delivers a seamless experience in product categorization, product search, account management, and cart visibility.

Data Security

Security issues are one of the most common threats in the technology world today. Hackers post much spam and attack web servers to access confidential data of user’s phone numbers, card details, and more. To prevent this, our developers don’t use the standard FTP for file transfer. Moreover, they regularly update the shopping cart and take regular data backups to minimize the risk of data stolen.

Checkout Process

Many eCommerce mobile applications include multiple pages for sign-in and checkout processes. It makes things annoying for users, especially when they have a short time. Our intuitive apps help customers to save their card and eWallet details to take them through faster payment gateways. Moreover, social integration in apps allows users to sign-in through their social profiles, which saves their time and efforts.


Many buyers get confused while selecting products which can match with their actual needs. eCommerce app features like integrated AR allow app users to visualize products in the environment they want to use before making a choice.

Apart from this, we help develop robust mobile applications with below essential features:
  1. Fast app development & easy future upgrades through Magento like platforms
  2. Integrated features like a secure dashboard, CRM, analytics, and more to meet end-user needs
  3. Seamless UX/UI for customer retention and an increase in sales
  4. Modern tools & technology like chatbot and voice search integrated for excellent user experience
  5. SEO optimized features to rank in App Store search results and boost app marketing

Final Words :

Smart planning, understanding the demographics & user needs, and choosing the right eCommerce mobile app development platform & partner will prove beneficial for your business’s success. If you want to discuss your Idea, feel free to contact us.

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