WordPress blogs and websites are extremely popular. But many businesses and bloggers fail to realise the potential they have at their fingertips. We have comprised a list of distinct ways WordPress plugins are advantageous compared to other blogger sites that offer plugins.

WordPress Plugins

• WordPress Live Chat Plugin - 

If you are using WordPress specifically for your business or product sales, you are at a huge advantage. The WordPress Live Chat plugin allows you to directly discuss issues and questions with your customers. Individuals love to know they are talking to a real person, and if your customer service includes this then you have a wonderful way to develop a positive relationship with your customers. In this category WordPress sticks out.

• Create booking and email forms -

WordPress is in direct competition with blogger, but WordPress has won out with its widget functions. In fact, there are WordPress plugins that allow you to create email and booking forms without touching any techno mumbo jumbo. This is great for a low tech small business who wants to have a user-friendly way for their customers to give their information out.

• Social media share buttons -

WordPress has an extremely easy format to install plugins and allows you to create social media buttons that give your readers a way to share your content. This is a big deal because the idea of websites and blogs is to share information and to advertise your products. Social media is central to online marketing so if you want to expand your audience you need to have easily accessible share buttons. WordPress makes sure you have this through various plugins and widgets.

• WordPress Security -

Some of the best security features are available because of the creation of WordPress plugins. The idea behind years of security information and technology has culminated into one very unique plugin, called security ninja. The plugin secures both yours and your customer’s information creating a secure online experience. Once again this plugin is only found on WordPress.

• Effective SEO Tools -

There can be no doubt that WordPress has the greatest amount of SEO plugins available. With a comprehensive and effective group of plugins to choose from, WordPress creates a distinct advantage. SEO is one of the most important tools to utilize for any website or blog. If you want your site to be viewed by more than just a few passing individuals, you should equip your site with SEO plugins that let Google see you like a sore thumb amongst other sites.

All of the tools that WordPress has optimized over the recent years give it an advantage over any other webhosting site out there. Remember that plugins are additions to your site that can make it as good as you want it to be, you just have to take advantage of them and we can give you some of the best ways to do so.

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