No Doubt in this that WordPress is widely used as a CMS Platform. About 26.5% of the web uses WordPress mainly because of its ease of use and extensibility factor, which is attributed due to its huge plugin repository.

WordPress developers are continuously in progress building themes, plugins & the wp community is growing all the time. So not to worry about the support part. You can think how much popular WordPress is because Stackflow has provided a separate section for his users.



With the introduction of REST-API’s, it's going to be easy for mobile developers to push website content natively in their apps. I see the WordPress world more moving in the mobile world. It's insane if people don’t pick up the fact that the world would be even more mobile-driven, as opposed to PC as days pass by.

Laravel is already a popular PHP MVC Framework :

Laravel is definitely worth its hype & exposure with the web dev community. Its documentation and community support is good. This means there are thousands of Laravel developers who are looking for reducing unwanted code that they tend to write which could otherwise be performed by a plugin directly.

If you are using both for various projects, it's easy to connect the WordPress backend with Laravel.

Just imagine how amazing it’d be if you could actually really integrate Laravel & WordPress like You could login into your Laravel app with the same name & password given in the WordPress DB or vice versa.

The way I look at it is, its awesome to build a WordPress site for its basic functionality and if in case, you need more customization for your Core app, then you can tie them both. I think this is one approach where people who’ve learned both WordPress & Laravel would definitely wanna consider & for some reason, I wanna think it's possible that there could be a community built for WordPress & Laravel users.

What the right way to Integrate Laravel into Your WordPress Website :

A much better way to achieve Laravel WordPress integration is to simply integrate your Laravel application into WordPress. Basically, you will need to use WordPress functions within your Laravel application. This process is assuming that you have a default installation for both WordPress and Laravel.

The first step in the integration process is to place your Laravel application within your WordPress directory. To make sure you can use WordPress contents with your Laravel application, you simply need to access your WordPress functions. These include get_header and get_footer. For that, you will need to open the bootstrap/ap.php. This can be found within your Laravel application. You will then need to add this line of code:

require ‘../../wp-load.php’;

Once you have added your line of code you will have access to your WordPress functions within Laravel. After this integration step, you will need to look into adding any missing assets like JS and CSS within the Laravel application. To solve this issue, you can make use of the enqueueing functions from WordPress. To add the assets, you will need to use your bootstrap/app/PHP. This ensures that assets for the application will load when someone visits the application.

We hope this article is useful if you’re currently thinking about integrating your WordPress website and Laravel application.

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