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ExpressTech Software Solutions is the leading laravel development company USA & India which has a team of experienced laravel developer, who can meet all your demands related to Laravel Solutions.
Laravel is the popular open source, PHP framework which is used for website development. The model of 'Laravel is based on MVC' (Model View Controller) structure and thus it has various exceptional features and is also compatible with a shared hosting account, numerous configuration, and PHP4 and PHP5 editions. We have experienced team of professionals who have core knowledge about all PHP framework. They will always go a step ahead to bring your Laravel development to the next level and offering you fully scalable online experiences.

When you Need a Laravel

Laravel is the technology that comes easily to use when you try to think outside of the box. Laravel is the BEST PHP framework that provides unmatched performance to your websites. It offers a myriad of benefits over others in terms of flexibility and scalability. If you are up to online media, then you maybe should have a closer look at WordPress. But probably you find yourself in need of a REST API back-end for iOS or Android app. Or perhaps it is a scalable web application with a unique interface and functionality that cannot be easily classified. If so, Laravel is a solution for you.

Why you Choose Laravel Development Services

Easy to Get Started with Laravel Development Company

First reason is why people start with Laravel, It is easy to get started. Even if you’re familiar with just basics of PHP, You can easily develop a 5-page site in a few hours. Still, it is not the only reason why you will go to choose Laravel. There’s much more.

Open Source

It is a free and open source framework that will allow you to develop complex & large web applications easily. To get started you need is a text editor and PHP installation

Quickly Emerging

Laravel is the best and the most used framework according to google trends. It can handle highly big projects with ease and that's the reason why most of the companies have already adopted this framework.

Follows MVC

In development, Transparency between presentation & business logic is important. Structure of Laravel is based on MVC. It has plenty of inbuilt-functions, better documentation and provides MVC increases performance.

Community Support

Being a developer, you will get stuck with many problems related to development. If You’re stuck and there is someone, who already pass through it & who can guide you, then, development would be less heartbreaking.

Secure in Nature

Laravel provides you with some of the key things which makes your application safe & secure. Laravel’s PDO uses ORM, which prevents SQL injections. Laravel’s CSRF protection stop cross-site request forgery.

Built Upon Best

Laravel uses some best component of Symfony. Still, it is different then Symfony, as Laravel is easy to get easy & started. It uses a dependency manager composer, which control the dependencies of various libraries in your project.

Migration for the Database

Migration is one of the important features provided by Laravel. Migration allows you to the maintenance of the database structure of application without re-creating it.

Testing is Easy With Laravel

Testing is an important thing for any application before it’s available for end users. Laravel provides a facility for Unit Testing. Sometimes new changes can break systems unexpectedly.


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