It has been greatly beneficial to students and educators alike due to its effectiveness in terms of flexibility, cost reductions, and overall enhanced experience provided by the utilization of advanced technology innovations. Yet, not all such websites create the amazing learning experience one would expect to encounter. When visiting truly successful online learning websites, we can easily figure out what are some of the features that distinguish them from the less prominent ones in the niche.

Lifter LMS

1. Quality content

First and foremost, modern learners are infatuated with the idea of getting top quality education without spending large sums of money. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many famous LMS Websites would attract many learners.

Of course, not all e-learning websites can afford an high packpage, however, great content speaks for itself and can slowly, but surely find its way to target users and keep them loyal. Try LifterLMS affordable packages for E-Learnng Websites.

2. Quick user integration and seamless way to pay for courses

Providing meaningful content means obtaining more users, yet, another requirement needs to be met in order to maintain a smooth running educational website. The process of registration and payment needs to be as quick and easy as possible so as not to create unnecessary delays in the delivery of content which could discourage potential users from applying. We constantly developing and coming up with efficient solutions to provide easy access to content and to manage payment system. One such solution can be found in WordPress for online courses, Skilled, which integrates with the LifterLMS plugin to produce quick signing up for courses and easy charging for courses through Woo Commerce shop support.

3. Motivational triggers

Once a significant list of registered learners is acquired, further steps must be taken to provide continual motivation and a sense of progress which is a feature found on every up-and-coming online learning platform. The key to achieve this is to create relevant and diversified tests to follow each lesson so as to provide students with a sense of completion and evaluation of their work. With the aforementioned LIfterLMS plugin that seamlessly integrates with a vast majority of WordPress, tests can be created and graded in numerous ways that add to variety, which is always a desired quality in education.

4. Personal approach

When it comes to e-learning practice, it is essentially important to avoid the impersonal trait that is often attributed to this learning method. Therefore, online learning websites are building the trusting relationship with users by creating and displaying teachers’ profiles, offering scheduled one-on-one sessions with tutors and most importantly, creating social network of their own to encourage networking between students and other users of their content.

5. Diversity

LIfterLMS has understood the importance of choice options for today’s user and has assembled great list of functionalities for different Sections. Customize the Plugin and Make your website more profitable.

If you want to integrate LifterLMS plugin and want some Custom Modification, Feel free to contact us

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